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Classic Black Milk Tea Loose-leaf Boba Kit

Steep your own tea leaves to bring out authentic flavors.

The Classic Black Milk Tea Loose-leaf Boba Kit makes for an authentic bubble tea experience. Steep tea leaves to extract the base of your drink and simply add in our milk tea base to make the perfect milk tea. 

Makes ~8+ 12oz. drinks.


    • Any Cup
    • Water
    • Strainer for Tea Leaves and Boba

     Allergens: Milk Tea Base contains milk and soy.

    *Loose-leaf Tea Steeper and Reusable Straws also sold separately here.


    Store any leftover uncooked boba in a sealed and airtight container in a cool/dry area. Do NOT store in the fridge. Do NOT eat silica gel packets.

    Once opened, uncooked boba will last approximately 3-5 days. Once cooked, boba will only be good for about 6 hours. Do NOT refrigerate.

    • 1 oz. Classic Black Loose-leaf Tea Leaves
    • 6 oz. Uncooked Boba
    • 10 oz. Milk Tea Base (Sugar + Non-dairy Creamer + Black Tea Mix)
    • 2 oz. Brown Sugar
    • 6 Plastic Straws or 1 Reusable Straw
    • SAMMEE Recipe & Instructions Manual

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    Rebecca C.
    United States United States

    Solid milk tea

    I’ve always preferred my teas to be stronger and more flavorful. With this kit, I was able to control the amount of cream&sugar in my milk tea and it came out perfectly. Yes, it may be a bit pricey, but compared to an expensive cup of boba that’s so watered down or just overly sweet tea from the store, I’d choose this every time.

    Rachel C.
    United States United States


    Everything I needed was in the box and it was so easy to make. I made so many delicious boba tea drinks just from one kit.

    Lauren V.
    United States United States


    Loved brewing and making my own iced boba teas! Did a little research and figured out a way to freeze cooked boba and just reheat a serving at a time which has been a wonderful way to do it so I don’t need to drink it all at once!

    Natalie T.
    United States United States

    Great Kit!

    I used these kits for a team building event and they were a huge hit! Jasmine was wonderful to work with and very accommodating. The kits are packaged and branded well and taste AMAZING when prepared properly. Highly recommend these kits :)

    Pax F.
    United States United States

    Best Boba I've had in a minute

    It was an easy to understand kit that gave me everything I could possibly need and more. It was fantastic.

    Abigail T.
    United States United States

    Pretty good

    Boba was chewy which was nice. The uncooked boba was pretty crumbly, so a lot of them got accidentally destroyed before getting cooked, resulting in a lot of sticky residue but not as much boba. I’m not sure why it’s like this because I usually use a different brand that doesn’t crumble as easily. Another downside is that cooked boba is good for less than a day, and the uncooked boba supposedly keeps for only a week after the package is opened, so you either have to have a boba binge or have enough time to repeat the (long) process of cooking the boba several times within a week. I’m used to having uncooked boba that keeps for a while after the package is opened, so that was new to me. Also, I thought I used the correct proportions for making the Wild Thai Tea but it turned out a bit bland, so you definitely have to adjust the recipe to taste. Overall, the design is cute and it’s a fun idea for a friends night, but otherwise it’s probably more time and cost effective to buy your boba already made, or buy the individual ingredients at a supermarket and make it (if those are options in your area).

    Maria B.
    United States United States

    Boba <3

    Great tea, good chewy boba, easy to follow instructions

    Henry S.
    United States United States


    Super fun for the family